Confession time: I thought the original Prototype was a totally mediocre affair; so much so that I never even bothered to finish it. As such, when Prototype 2 was announced I barely gave it a second thought.

My initial “meh-fuelled” attitude towards the sequel has slowly been chipped away the more I see of the game. New protagonist James Heller looks like a much better fit plus your mission is to kill that douche Alex Mercer, so I’m totally down with that.

Now, however, developer Radical Entertainment has revealed that Heller will be able to summon a pack of gross-looking Brawlers to rend the limbs from screaming enemies. It looks delightfully nasty, but I particularly enjoy seeing the Brawlers hurling chunks of concrete at enemy helicopters. Hit the jump to watch things go splat.


Ok Prototype 2, I’m listening, intently.

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