Whew boy, are you sitting down? I mean, I’m not entirely sure how to break this news to all of you, but it looks like American TV channel TNT will be airing the Basketball Playoffs on 01 May. I know, the news is absolutely mind-blowing, especially in light of what happened during last year’s Basketball Playoffs (I have no idea what happened during last year’s Basketball Playoffs).

Strangely enough, this announcement came via the official Call of Duty website, but why Activision would be marketing TNT’s sports programming is beyond me. Anyway, if you’re dying to see the Playoffs, then you can head over to callofduty.com to gaze longingly at a count-down clock. Good times!

Other than that, there is pretty much nothing more to see here – there’s basketball (which I’m told is pretty cool to watch on TV), there’s a channel showing the Playoffs, and there’s a date. Yep, pretty much nothing else that’s out of the ordinary and warrants discussion.

Source: CallofDuty.com

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