Meet Juliet Starling’s two sisters

Suda 51’s upcoming zombie-slaughter-fest stars eighteen year old cheerleader Juliet Starling. In the months leading up to the game’s June release, we’ve learnt that Juliet comes from a long line of zombie slayers. In fact, her entire family pride themselves on their ability to eviscerate the undead – a noble trait, no doubt.

When the zombie outbreak hits Juliet’s high school, she won’t be alone in the ensuing blood bath; her two sisters Cordelia and Rosalind will be on standby to lend a hand when necessary. Both sisters will bring their own brand of zombie slaying to the fray, but whether that will alter the gameplay or just add to the narrative isn’t clear as yet.

Hit the jump for the trailer, but mind out for the NSFW language. Also, if you had any doubt as to the target market for this game (seriously?) then let Rosalind’s “Secret Dream” clear up any lingering uncertainty you might have.