I had heard over Twitter that iBuyPower had a Star Wars case mod on show at CES2012 to show the company’s love for its clients and gamers in particular. While there are tons of case mods based on the epic saga by George Lucas, few have as much attention to detail as this. Many parts of the chassis that used to be a NZXT Phantom 410 had to be re-done in acrylic panels which were then etched to test out the design, and this took a total of three weeks for the company to complete. Shows you just how far modders will go for that first impression, don’t you agree? Gallery after the break.

The front panel has a set of alternating LED lights and multiple layers of clear and painted acrylic to capture the light further and make the case glow more. Many parts of the chassis were cut out and white acrylic inserts were glued in to make the white panels you see on the Corellian Corvette Defender-class gunship, which the design is inspired by. LED mods were made to the fans and lights to create a white-blue hue reminescent to the afterburner trails you see on many spaceships in the Star Wars universe.

What makes this build such an achievement? All of the red and white mini-panels were painstakingly glued together to create the bulkhead on the top of the chassis that is meant to resemble the cockpit of the Defender gunship. More LEDs were placed in the top of the chassis inside the cockpit and can be controlled through software.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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