Intel’s Medfield platform is basically just another method of squeezing their Atom processors into smaller and smaller form factors. Medfield is designed to fit within the operating limits of smartphones and tablets and last week went on sale in the form of the Lava Xolo 900.

Pictured: Another wolf in a bland outfit

I have to admit, smartphones of late have been boring. Only after we saw new designs at MWC from the likes of Huawei, HTC and Sony do I have some renewed hope that people will start experimenting again with touch screen devices, choosing to add some form into the bland slates that stare back out the windows of phone shops these days. While the Xolo looks more or less like a generic Android handset, what it represents is something different.

The Xolo ships with Intel’s Atom Z2460, a single core with Hyper-threading at stock speeds of 1.6Ghz (yes, being an Atom-based design, you can overclock it, too). Graphics are courtesy of a Power VR GPU running at 400Mhz. It sports a 4″ LED-backlit LCD screen with 1024 x 600 resolution which we’ve seen in netbooks for years. Also standard is a 8MP camera at the rear with LED flash, 1MP at the front and ships with Android Gingerbread. yes, there’s no Ice Cream Sandwich, but Intel promises an update in the future.

Everyone and their moms are going on about how this is only another hardware choice and bla bla bla. Clearly no-one sees how Google’s stock standard Nexus handsets are the ones being picked up by enthusiasts who prefer a phone that always receives updates first before other manufacturers and always ships with the naked, un-skinned version of Android, perfect for customising everything the way you want it.

We’ll never see the Xolo on our shores but we might see a Medfield-based phone in the form of the Lenovo K800 landing here sometime this year. Pricing and specs of the handset aren’t finalised, but its going to be very similar to the Xolo I’ve shown you here.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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