Samsung teases Galaxy fans with a video…

And predictably, calls everyone else sheep. While the teaser doesn’t show anything about the device, pay attention to the words used when watching it. Hit the jump for my interpretation. Anyone betting on whether or not I’m right?


As for what I think they’re doing to the Galaxy III, here’s how I think it’ll pan out:

“Where a galaxy fits perfectly into your hand”We’ve seen curved glass and even curved phones from other manufacturers in the last few years. I’m going on a limb here and going to bet that the Galaxy S III will feature curved edges and sides, allowing for one-handed use even though the phone will be large.

“Your view of the world grows ever wider”  – In spy shots we’ve already seen that the successor will sport a much larger screen, similar in size to the Galaxy Note but small enough to still pocket comfortably – 4.7 inches diagonally. It will be a 720p screen, but this leaked video shows a resolution of 1184 x 720p. It might not be the final screen in the test hardware, but the strange resolution certainly points to a special LCD unit.

As you gain power to explore it freely and swiftly” – In benchmarks which just popped up this morning, the S III breezes past the iPhone 4s and Galaxy II and rules the roost with only the iPad 3 to worry about. Other sites that have leaked benchmarks point to a dual-GPU configuration with a quad-core processor that could be running at 1.4Ghz. RAM’s not certain, but it should be set at 2GB for these high-class devices.

Set your calendars for the third of May, its going to be interesting!

Source: GSM Arena

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