Final Arkham City DLC chapter hits 30 May

Rumoured since earlier this month, the Harley Quinn themed single-player DLC for Batman: Arkham City will be released on 30 May. This will be the “final chapter” in Arkham City’s already expansive set of single-player missions.

The DLC will continue straight from where the main game ended so a word of advice for those who have yet to finish it: either finish the game ASAP or dodge any further DLC discussions to avoid a big spoiler. There are already DLC screenshots floating about that will ruin the end of Arkham City for you if you’re not careful. No spoilers in the rest of this post, however.

In the DLC, you’ll be switching between Batman and Robin as the two head back into Arkham City to take on Harley and her new band of thugs.

The DLC will hit the PlayStation Network for around the R95 mark ($9.99) and Xbox LIVE for 800 MS Points on 30 May, adding two hours of single-player content.

On top of the DLC announcement, it’s been revealed that Batman: Arkham City will be getting a Game of the Year edition. The GOTY edition will include the game and every item of DLC to date, including the new Harley Quinn DLC. The definitive Arkham City edition will be released on 29 May in the USA, but for us in South Africa we’ll have to wait a few months more as it’s scheduled to release on 7 September in EU territories. There’s also been no mention of a PC version. Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition trailer bellow.


Source: Eurogamer