How many of you spent the weekend abusing your mouse’s buttons during the Diablo III open beta? How many of you had hoped to spend the weekend abusing your mouse’s buttons, but soon realised that when Blizzard said they wanted to “stress test” the Diablo III servers, they really meant it? I fall into the latter group, which is to say I managed to play about two to three hours of the beta before losing connection. Par for the course for an online beta though!

Here are the latest two class videos in the “Darkness Falls. Heroes Rise” series of trailers Blizzard has been spitting out. I have to admit, after dabbling in all five of the available classes over the weekend, these videos are far more interesting – they show off the potential of each class, which is something I barely scratched the surface of.

The two latest trailers (after the jump) talk about the Monk and the Witch Doctor classes. If you missed the earlier videos that talk about the Barbarian and the Demon Hunter, then you can head over here to catch up.




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