It’s May already! It’s almost as if the passing of time is a natural thing.

Our May issue is brimming with deliciousness, starting with our cover feature on what happens when Assassin’s Creed jumps on a ship headed in the direction of America. It looks hot, to say the least. We look at the top eight games you need to be obsessed with this year, and provide a peek at all manner of gaming lifestyle doohickies that you might want to get your hands on. Darksiders II gets us excited about Death. Epic Mickey 2 gets us excited about rabbits and twosomes. And our motherboard roundup gets us excited about, well… motherboards.

Be sure to check out our mega-exclusive review of Prototype 2, filled with explosions and tendrils and people going splat in countless, gloriously gruesome ways. Journey makes us fall in love with strangers (and wonder what it is we’ve done wrong when they inevitably leave us), Armored Core V delivers the mech-tastic action, Twisted Metal gets violence in our ice-cream and SSX shreds the powder, maaaaan.

Our previews this month include Sleeping Dogs (aka Hong Kong-flavoured Grand Theft Auto) and the resulting lunacy/fun times that naturally occur when TrackMania‘s ideals get plastered onto the FPS face of ShootMania Storm. Hardware gets its GPU on with the ASUS GeFORCE GTX 680 and GIGABYTE RADEON R7870C-2GD. Asrock surprises us with their X79 Fatal1ty Professional motherboard, and Acer’s Aspire S3 ultrabook hopes to show all those tablets what it’s made of.

You’ll find all these wonderful things and more in the May issue of NAG. Be sure to look out for the magazine on Zinio as well, where we’ll have (or already do have, depending on when you’re reading this) an exclusive digital bonus cover.

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