Recon report: 2upGamers Prototype 2 launch party

Cape Town. Thursday, 26 April. Technically it was actually, like, over a week ago already but technically, we’ve had some technical issues on the website so technically, technically and also technically, and then Dane hired kittens to lick it better with itty-bitty kitty tongues.

Anyway, the Protoptype 2 launch event – technically actually a post-launch event – was hosted by Cape Town gaming event superstars 2upGamers and South African gaming distribution superstars Megarom, although other technical issues prevented a scheduled uplink to the event in Johannesburg, and all these technically technical issues are clearly adding up to something much bigger than this. The release of a virus genetically engineered by a military organisation as a bioweapon? Maybe, or maybe a megakitten.

Now I want a megakitten. :<

In the meantime, though, here’s what happened.

2upGamers' Glenn Alexander dressed up as Alex Mercer and made all the girls scream.
Blackwatch operatives were deployed to make sure there was no funny business. Wait, no, that's just Janrik "Uberutang" Oberholzer, pretending to be a Blackwatch operative.
That's a real gun, though. A real paintball gun. It's also really heavy, which is why I didn't manage to steal it.
People. And Hadlee Simons.