Standalone expansion headed to Saints Row: The Third

Remember a few weeks back, when every developer under the sun released ridiculous April Fool’s gags for their games? Man, that day was awesome – even though there were some really good jokes that many of us wished were true. Turns out one is though!

Volition announced an expansion for Saints Row: The Third (a game with an already monumental amount of absurdity) which they jokingly dubbed “Enter the Dominatrix”. The April Fool’s shenanigan was based off the premise of an alien invasion of Steelport during which the leader of the Third Street Saints is trapped inside a virtual world so that he or she poses no threat to the invading hordes. The fake DLC mentioned gaining super powers ala Neo from The Matrix; it also made mention of ridiculous weapons like the “sphincter-stretching Alien Anal Probe”.

Fortunately, if you were one of the many who read THQ’s fake press release on 01 April and sulked knowing it’d never come true, you’d be wrong. THQ has confirmed that Saints Row: Enter the Dominatrix will be released during our spring time as a standalone product. The game will be released as a physical product at retail with a $30 price tag – expect to pay about R300 for it then. Good news indeed!

Source: Shacknews