Domain registered for Avengers: Battle for Earth

Do you know what’s awesome? The Avengers movie that came out last week, that’s what’s awesome. Do you know what’s odd? The fact that the obligatory, multi-million dollar movie-to-game tie-in didn’t materialise. History will tell us, however, that this is probably not a bad thing; I can’t think of a single movie-to-game title that was actually any good, and previous Marvel movie video games (Ironman, Thor, Captain America) were eye-gougingly awful.

It looks like we might be getting a video game of the more recent Avengers film after all, as the super-sleuths over at website Fusible have uncovered a domain registration for The domain was registered on 3 May 2012, and is currently listed on Ubisoft’s servers.

Keep in mind that there’s nothing else to go on other than this registration. While we all sit here dreaming about an Avengers video game with the same amount of polish as Rocksteady’s Batman games, we might be getting the generic movie-to-game crap that we’ve been disappointed by for as long as movie-to-games have been a thing.

Source: Fusible
Via: Joystiq