Indie showcase: Fotonica

Fotonica is an abstract, first-person running game. Utilizing single-key controls, you take hold of a polygonal figure as he races through dream-like duo-chromatic landscapes and obstacle courses.

The key to Fotonica is precision jumping; large chasms litter the tracks and surmounting them often requires accurate button-mashing at breakneck speeds. Gain enough momentum and the world takes on a yellow glow, with the game’s audio becoming muted as the velocity alters your perception.

Littered along each course are pink blobs which serve as point-fodder. There are multiple routes to take, and with some trial and error you’ll be able to determine which routes afford the most points. There are six courses; five available from the onset, one of which is randomly generated and one which is unlockable. There are three levels of difficulty which determine how fast you gain momentum, as well as a split-screen two-player mode. If you feel a need to brag, you may upload your high scores for all to behold your skills.

Adding to Fotonica’s otherwordly feel is an upbeat electronic soundtrack with chip influences. The other audio effects – your character’s grunts, the sounds of your feet landing on the ground and the wind in your ears – all accurately convey the feeling of speed and physics that the game pulls off so well.

Unfortunately, the experience is over entirely too soon. Nonetheless, the game is a pleasant reminder of the simple joys of sprinting really fast. The author affords players the chance to choose their price, à la The Humble Indie Bundle, but you may also download it for free.

Get it for Windows or Mac here.