You got TF2 in my Battlefield 3

Ok, so technically this isn’t exactly gaming news, but judging by how Team Fortress 2 and Battlefield 3 rule the lives of many NAG readers, we’d be remiss in not sharing.

Clever YouTube users JackFrags and friends have decided to show us what would happen if the folks over at Mann Co. built a teleportation gateway to another gaming world. That gaming world happens to be Battlefield 3.

You can pretty much guess what happens when both sides from Team Fortress 2 invade another competitive multiplayer game. It’s a very well made mini movie that has, for me, highlighted a glaring omission in video games: we have fighting game cross-overs (Street Fighter X Tekken) so why not FPS game cross-overs? Team Fortress 2 Vs Battlefield 3 would be awesome. Don’t believe me? Hit the jump.


Thanks: Mr. Mullany! (@eXpZA)