Company of Heroes 2 website now live, details spill like blood

Late last week we learnt that RTS masters Relic, along with publisher THQ, are bringing Company of Heroes 2 to the PC in 2013. A direct sequel to 2006’s fantastic strategy game, Company of Heroes 2 will see you shifting your focus to the Eastern theatre of war during World War II. You’ll be in command of the Russian army as you attempt to “push back the Nazi invaders and free Mother Russia”.

The game will make use of Relic’s proprietary Essence 3.0 Engine, earlier iterations of which powered previous Company of Heroes and its expansions. According to the official press release, the sequel will see the introduction of Commander Abilities and something else called Dynamic Battle Tactics. We’re guessing these are buzz terms to keep an eye on as development continues.

Line-of-sight will play a much more prominent role in CoH2. Instead of the usual fog of war obscuring your Russian eyeballs, your units will have to have proper line-of-sight on targets, otherwise enemy units won’t appear on screen at all. With continually shifting tactics a cornerstone of the franchise, we’re pretty excited to see what effect these new features will have. You can check out the newly launched and official website here.