The Old Republic just lost 400, 000 players

In February this year, EA reported having a subscriber base of 1.7 million people for their MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. That figure is now sitting on 1.3 million after just three months. This news comes via EA’s most recent earning statements issued to investors.

EA was expecting subscriber numbers to drop after the first 30 days of the MMO’s release, seeing as all new copies shipped with a 30 day subscription. We’re now almost half a year away and numbers are continuing to decline. That being said, EA’s Frank Gibeau admitted that the 1.3 million active subscribers is made up of “core MMO users”. He went further to explain that the 400, 000 subscriber loss was likely due to the “casual” market deciding to hang up their Jedi/Sith robes after going “through a billing cycle and decided not to subscribe to the game”.

It’s not all depressing news however, as Gibeau reiterated EA and BioWare’s intentions to expand the MMO and increase subscriber numbers. There are a number of developments in the pipeline that are aimed at keeping higher level players around for longer, thereby appealing to Gabeau’s “core MMO users”.

Source: Bothans from Eurogamer (who are still, thankfully, alive)