T. rex gone wild: Primal Carnage footage will ‘splode your mind

I used to think that putting dinosaurs in your game would automatically makes it awesome. That was a thing, until I played Dino D-Day. The dinos made it better, obviously, but in a similar kind of way to finding chocolate in a bowl of vomit. An oddly pleasant addition, sure, but an altogether horrifying offering.

Thankfully, we’ve got Unreal Engine-powered Primal Carnage incoming sometime in the future, and it hopes to reaffirm my belief in the power that dinosaurs have on gaming. To quote the game’s official site, it’s an “asymmetrical online-multiplayer class-based game of humans versus dinosaurs” – a phrase so beautiful that typing it forced me to let out a few tears. Various class roles will be on offer in the game, allowing you to play everything from stealthy guy/reptile to heavy duty man/rex (and everything in between). If all you really want to do is loose flamethrowers on a pterosaur, there’s that too.

Alpha trailer lies below the break.

Bear in mind that that’s alpha footage right there, and yet it already looks excellent. The only real question is: who’s going to play as the humans?

If this just got you all hot for lizards, there’s always ORION: Dino Beatdown, which recently landed on Steam. I’ve not yet played it so I’ve no opinion on it, but there are certainly dinosaurs in there, and it too looks quite lovely.

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