White PS Vita for Japan, how about the rest of us?

So, you want a Vita, but you don’t want the same Vita everyone else has – no, you need something special. Its not enough that you could strip it down and find a way to spray paint and mod it with clear acrylic, you need it to be limited edition, yo. Like those spinning rims you see on them black Hummer H3s the government is driving around these days.

So I give you the Crystal White (no, its not a codename for a drug) Playstation Vita. 

Yes, its not that special on the inside, but it does look very good in white. The Japs and most of east-Asia will have it retailing in their stores by the end of June for around £232 (roughly R3000) for the 3G version or £193 (roughly R2500) for the Wi-Fi only edition, which is the one I’m slowly but surely saving up for. Its a pity that our ones retail for above R3000, but since we are at the bottom of the globe, its to be expected.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t cost any more than the original black version, suggesting that Sony waited to coin it a bit with the cheaper black paint and then opt for a white edition. The original PSP went through about six or seven different colours, and if the Vita sells as well as Sony expects it to, it may go through the same process. There will be matching white earphones available as well as white protective cases and other accessories.

Source: Eurogamer

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