Razer Naga “Levelled Up” Edition announced

Razer makes a lot of mice for different scenarios, and the Naga is one of their best ones to date. While there is a left-hand version in the workd following a massive call from the Razer fanbase, the “Levelled Up” version improves the original design and adds some customisation to it just like Cyborg’s R.A.T. 5, 7 and 9 do.

While there’s no left-hand version of this one announced, Razer is looking to produce the left-hand Naga for release either later this year or in early 2013. When launched, the MMO-centered Naga launched with three rows of buttons on the side with up to twelve programmable keys.

The new version ups the ante by introducing interchangeable side panels for proper pinky grip, and the three styles offered benefit both claw and grip styles. The mouse ships standard with the 17-button configuration, adjustable DPI to 5600 (really, really sensitive), Razer’s “Zero-acoustic” mouse feet (I really didn’t know mice feet made a noise) and an anti-slip, anti-fingerprinte black matte finish.

The new Naga for MMO gamers should be available now in the RazerStore for U.S. and European gamers for $79.99 (approx R640, but that’s before taxes and levies). If it ever lands on our shores, it’ll sell quite well.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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