The Avengers: Battle for Earth made official

Remember on Monday when a domain registration alerted the world to the existence of a thing called The Avengers: Battle for Earth? It was tied to Ubisoft’s servers and initially outed for Fusible. Fast-forward to today: Ubisoft, along with Marvel Entertainment, have made the whole game official.

Now, remember how we were all dreaming that this would be an Avengers game worthy of the more recent film; the same film that made people’s eyes explode from the military-grade awesome that was pumped into them? It’s totally not going to be anything like that! How do we know based on having not actually seen the game in action? It’s being made for Kinect and Wii U only.

According to Tony Key, senior VP of sales for Ubisoft US: “We are excited to team up with Marvel Entertainment to bring some of the most iconic comic book characters from the Marvel line-up to life in motion-gaming. Fans of the Marvel universe and superhero games are going to love the extensive combinations of characters, motion-controlled moves and competitive gameplay.”

The game won’t necessarily be based on the recent film, but will draw on the “Secret Invasion” story arc of comic books. Twenty playable characters are planned for the final game. If you want to keep up to date on this crushing disappointment upcoming game, then head on over to the official website, which is still very much in “place holder” mode.