I suppose I shouldn’t be disappointed, or even surprised. As a result of bazillions of would-be dungeon trawlers all desperately clawing to get started on Diablo III, Blizzard’s Battle.net servers have been falling over all morning. If you have tried to play Diablo III this morning, you might be familiar with the screen below the break.

Blizzard released this official statement on the Battle.net forums:

“Due to high concurrency the login servers are currently at full capacity.”

The good news is that Blizzard earlier today took Battle.net offline and launched additional servers to accommodate the unexpected masses of gamers desperate to at least crack level 10 on their first day.

Since then things have been better, but server issues continue to be reported across the European Battle.net network, which is where literally dozens of unemployed South Africans are trying to play right now.

Eurogamer made this adorable GIF, which pretty much explains the problem perfectly using guinea pigs.

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