Nine tips to improve your Diablo III experience

Diablo III is out and people are either loving it or hating it. Personally, I haven’t made up my mind, but one thing that strikes all of us at NAG as odd, is how much of the game’s good stuff is disabled by default. Diablo III is presented in its most simple form to those who don’t take the time to dig through the game’s options, and taken at face value it’s easy to feel disappointed in the simplicity of it all. Take a few moments to do so (or just read this handy guide), and you’ll discover that it’s a lot closer to what a veteran of the series would expect.

Enable elective mode

What it means: Instead of being forced to assign skills based on their category, elective mode allows you to assign any skill to any quickslot or mouse button. It’s a lot closer to what you’re used to from previous games.

Where to find it: Options* -> Gameplay -> Interface

Disable quick join

What it means: Your friends can no longer instantly join your game in progress. They’ll first have to request an invite to your party which can choose to ignore or accept.

Where to find it: Options -> Social -> Friends and chat

Enable zoom on inventory

What it means: Get a better view of your character while you’re swapping out equipment and armour. You can also press the “Z” key to zoom in and out on-the-fly.

Where to find it: Options -> Gameplay -> Interface

Enable advanced tooltips

What it means: Skill tooltips are actually useful now. They’ll show you exactly how much damage a skill does as well as specifics about any extra effects.

Where to find it: Options -> Gameplay -> Interface

Tweak HUD options

What it means: For the number-crunchers; get a better picture of damage dealt, healing performed and enemy life bars. You can also set these on-the-fly with hotkeys.

Where to find it: Options -> Gameplay -> HUD

Quickly access salvaging or crafting

What it means: Go directly to an artisan’s services without the extra dialogue click.

Where to find it: Each artisan will have their wares laid out on the ground around them, just click on the service you require.

Set social status

What it means: When set to “busy”, friends cannot join your game in progress or even request an invite. They can still whisper you directly.

Where to find it: Social menu (hotkey “O” or click on the icon)

Use slash commands

What it means: Communicate quickly with co-op players by issuing commands like “go”, “wait”, and “take this” with an accompanying character animation.

Where to find it: The chat menu (hotkey “Return”). Type “/?” for a list of commands. Those with gaming keyboards would do well to assign macros to a few of these options. Update: Reader @Chippitsaur has informed us that many of these commands are already bound to the num pad. Thanks Chippit!

Equip your CE wings (if you have them)

What it means: Stand out from the crowd with your collector’s edition wings.

Where to find it: When you first spawn there is an item in your inventory called Angelic Wings. Right click on it to activate/de-active the wings. You don’t need to have them in your inventory to maintain the wings, but you will have to re-activate it each time you log in.

*These options are only available to you once you’ve logged in, and can’t be accessed from the title screen menu.

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