EVGA announces a recall for the GTX670, offers upgrade

For those of you who already bought a GTX670 Superclock from EVGA (not likely, since you’d have to do it from the US as stocks are limited now), you mght want to check out your board’s batch number to see if you’re part of the unnumbered users who have a defective card. While there’s no information from EVGA about what the problem actually is or how to find it, the company has issued a recall for customers who bought their Superclocked series.

If you bought a GTX670 Superclock with the batch product number 02G-P3-2672-KR, you might want to stress out your card for a while and see if anything happens. It might be something, it might be nothing at all discernable to your eye. You might not even know you had a problem and you could go for years without knowing it was there until one day it smacks you in the face with a spade. Maybe you’re losing a few frames and your settings are at stock or the fan is too loud. At this point, if you’re desperate, you really could make up anything you want until you hit on the right fault. 

If you do or don’t find anything but still have that card from the batch, you need to e-mail EVGA’s Jacob Freeman (no relation to Gordon) and he’ll set about replacing your card to the GTX670 FTW. Which, I hardly need tell you, is a bargain of note since FTW cards are binned chips rated for higher performance.

Source: HardOCP

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