Whimsyshire is Diablo III’s Cow Level

Diablo games with secret levels are nothing new. What is new is Diablo III, and it’s got a secret level of its own called Whimsyshire. The level itself is meant to be a nod to the fan furore that erupted when Diablo III was first announced. Way back in 2008 (wow, we’ve been waiting a while for this game) Diablo fans moaned that Diablo III looked too colourful.

Blizzard has a sense of humour. As such, it doesn’t get more colourful and cutesy than Whimsyshire. The land features “Cuddle Bears”, rainbow unicorns and dancing flowers. It’s a wonderful land – a beautiful land full of cheer and whimsical laughter. But then, some evil demon hunter suddenly appeared and slaughtered the wonderful creatures of Whimsyshire, all the time repeating the mantra “moar loot!” as he/she carved his/her way through the cuddly friends.

If you want to get to Whimsyshire then you better be collecting a few odds and ends that are scattered about the various acts of the game. There’s a full shopping list after the jump, but be warned that there are some very, very minor spoilers as far as names of characters and locations go. There’s also a video, if you want to witness firsthand the genocide of the creatures of Whimsyshire.

The details of what’s needed are courtesy of Battle.net forum user Zerofire who, along with three of his friends, first discovered Whimsyshire.

The items needed:

Black Mushroom spawns in cathedral level 1 ACT1

Shinbone is located randomly in the fireplace in leorics manor ACT1.

Liquid Rainbow is located from the Mysterious Cave in the Mysterious chest in the Oasis in ACT2. You will know its the right place when you save the old man and he opens it up. the spawn point is always the same for the event.

Wirts Bell is sold from one of the merchants in the city on ACT2

Gibbering Gemstone drops from Chiltara in the caverns of frost ACT3(The area where you destroy the ballistae) if you get Ice caverns exit out and start a new game. The mob itself is random.

The plans drops randomly from Izual on ACT4.

Opening the portal I will leave that up to you.



Source: Battle.net forums
Via: Kotaku