Publisher THQ isn’t having the best run of luck at the moment. They’ve recently revealed that they’re looking to offload that stylishly gory hack and slash game Devil’s Third, which is a total bummer. Hopefully somebody snaffles that up because it was looking like a boatload of fun.

Luckily, Darksiders II is still looking rather healthy. Except for Death I guess, because he’s, well, dead really. Still! The game’s a ton of fun; I played it during a recent trip to Amsterdam, and you can read all about that in the current issue of NAG magazine. Alternatively you can read the interview I did with the game’s director, Marvin Donald, right over here.

To remind us that (in spite of the recent delay) Death lives, THQ and Vigil have unleashed the second part of their “Death Strikes” cinematic trailer. The action in the trailer is reminiscent of the section of the game I’ve played. Fans of Shadow of the Colossus should pay attention. Hit the jump for part 2; if you missed the first part you can find it here.


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