Aliens: Colonial Marines gets a launch date, new trailer

Gearbox Software and SEGA are bringing us a new Aliens first-person shooter. That alone makes me very excited. When I think of bum-clenching, terrifying games, Aliens Versus Predator and its sequel immediately spring to mind. I am totally on-board for a new FPS set in this franchise.

Gearbox has just announced that we can expect to scream in terror, while blindly firing M41A2 Pulse Rifles, on 12 February next year. They’re giving us about nine months of notice so you can stock up on underpants and air freshener.

According to the official press release, written by Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford: “the game must be authentic. It must complement, but not re-tell the events of, the films. It must deliver an original story and fresh experience that, for those of us who grew up loving the Aliens films, builds and expands upon those events, but also stand on its own for those of us who may never have seen the movies.”

Hit the jump for the trailer.


Aliens: Colonial Marines releases worldwide on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on 12 February 2013. There is a Wii U version in the works, but no release date has been supplied.

Source: Gearboxity
Via: Twitter