Geforce 600 stutter issues? Don’t update your drivers!

Yes, despite what you may have heard about Nvidia’s latest Geforce 600 series and its adaptive V-Sync technology, some people have complained to Nvidia because their adaptive V-Sync isn’t working. While a few hardware sites couldn’t confirm that there was an issue, its beginning to look like there’s a common problem for all the issues – not using the supplied Geforce 300.83 drivers.

Over here in this very long thread on the Geforce forums,  some users have found that their Geforce 600 cards are producing random stutter in older games and even in some newer ones. The interesting part? The problem isn’t there in Windows XP, even with the WHQL 301.10 drivers straight from Nvidia’s site. It looks like Nvidia realised that the more current driver would produce some issues on Windows Vista and 7 and instead supplied the 300.83 drivers with the cards on disc.

People, if you get a new card that comes out just before a major driver release, use the drivers off the disc and wait for the next update. I know that having something new and shiny is awesome and you’d expect that newer drivers would improve things, but even GTX690 owers have to sit with a slightly tuned version of the Geforce graphics drivers while Nvidia irons everything out. Nvidia supports everything from their 6200LE right up to the latest GTX670 with their drivers, but supporting such a large amount of cards and architectures is bound to create problems when one version breaks that doesn’t gel so well with your system. Its a hell of a job to keep supporting all that stuff – even AMD gave up on it.

As far as things go, drivers aren’t actually supposed to be updated frequently. Graphics drivers are an exception, but if something isn’t broken don’t go fixing it. If your games are running as you would expect, there’s no real reason why you should upgrade apart from stability fixes, major performance boosts and new features. Keep that mouse away from the “Download new version now!” button and enjoy your silky-smooth framerates with your shiny new Kepler-based monster.

Source: forums

Download the 300.83 drivers here.

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