Indie showcase: Igneous

Igneous is a very fast 3D run-‘n’-jump escape game where you control a small Polynesian tiki that is magically brought to life.

Being the determined little block of wood that it is, your totem will roll its way through underground temples and caverns before turning up in a river of magma. Navigating the crumbling structures while avoiding the tsunami of lava behind you is a twitchy and frantic affair. Afterwards you’ll have to cross a collapsing bridge suspended over the inferno before finally coming face-to-face with a wrathful idol who wants nothing more than to disintegrate you.

There are two modes of difficulty, normal and impossible, which determine how much damage the tiki can take. Much of the game relies on split-second reflexes while moving at speeds that wouldn’t be out-of-place in a Sonic game. The ability to rebound off walls and move up vertical surfaces take the edge off of what would otherwise be a very frustrating experience. As it stands, the control is pretty spot-on and even supports Xbox 360 controllers. The graphics are fairly impressive for a freeware indie title and the music is comprised of minimalistic, tribal-influenced pieces that are a perfect match for the fast and chaotic pace of the game itself.

Igneous may not be very long, but it’s the perfect way to kill off ten minutes or to have a quick challenge with a mate.

Get it here (for Windows only).