Latest Windows 8 screens show a lack of Aero

No, no no no no. This isn’t what I expected from Redmond while they’re in the process of reinventing how we interact and control our computers (ahem, their wheel). I’m a major fan of the kinds of changes Vista introduced to desktop users. Granted, it wasn’t the easiest of changes and the weaning off of users from XP took much longer and was more painful for some than expected. Windows 7, to my mind and to the minds of many others, I’m sure, is as near as to perfect as we’re ever going to get. There’s literally nothing wrong I can find with it.

Flat, white and no colour gradients. This will be Windows 8 in the "desktop app."

So I leave you today with this short piece, a screenshot of Windows 8 in its current build being modified by Microsoft. Its the desktop mode, sans Aero Glass for the major UI elements like open windows and apps. The taskbar retains the opacity that neatly shows your background wallpaper, but the rest of it is flat and somewhat dull, in my opinion. What’s next, removing the rotating desktop wallpaper option?

In all the rush to give mobile users something that looks and runs better, are you alienating your desktop users? I hope not, because I’ve yet to shy away from the changes you’ve introduced in your operating systems. Windows 8 is possibly going to change that. I hope I warm to it in the coming months.

Source: TechpowerUp!

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