Uh, a mouse with a fan on it. No seriously, clearly gamers have insanely sweaty palms that Tt decided it needed to cool down our hands as well as our processors. Enter the Black Element Cyclone edition, which features a detacheable mouse on the front and looks rather cool (pun intended) to boot.

This isn’t actually an entirely new mouse, in case you missed the entire eSports saga that was 2010. The Tt eSPORTS Black was introduced as the “gamer’s” mouse and was the one supplied by Thermaltake for the eSPORTS World Championships in addition to their “eSports-approved” headsets and mechanical keyboards. By no means is this a bad thing as their stuff isn’t actually half bad (the headphones are particularly comfortable), but I’m a little sceptical as to how this would actually benefit the average gamer. Or me. for that matter.

I usually don’t aspire to own any Thermaltake product, regardless of how cool it might look. In many cases its a great product that’s been over-engineered for the gamer or enthusiast market. Occasionally, like the Level 10 GT, they hit the spot and create something so mad that it has to work. Some things like the V3 and the Dokker chassis are what you would call play-it-safes, something that everyone will consider buying because its actually functional and affordable.

The Black Element Cyclone falls into the same play-it-safe market, but takes the original mouse and upgrades it slightly. The mouse sports a complete redesign, but now looks like the better choice for claw-grip gamers. The mouse now has the eSPORTS logo lit up in the middle and the palm rest is more rounded. The original looked a lot more like Logitech’s G9 with a little extra bulk added. The LEDs on the side light up in five different colours so you can choose your favourite one. You can now smoke some dope in between sessions of Counter-Strike and have a kaleidoscope of colours that’s sure to do one of two things; make you see ponies and turn you temporarily colour-blind because you’re just seeing purple everywhere, man.

Dude, I hear you. m/

The mouse’s detachable fan connects via USB and is designed to be inobtrusive (read: not cut off your fingers). Thermaltake specifies it up to 6000RPM with a variable rate based on your driver settings. I guess its a good thing they allowed you to change it, otherwise this thing in winter would probably freeze your fingers together. Stretching to press that middle mouse button to knife your opponent in the back now takes all the strength in the world because you’ve near-paralysed yourself. In theory this would go down a treat up in Egypt, Asia or perhaps anywhere near the equator.

In reality, I can’t see this working for most people, myself included. I just don’t think we’re that sweaty enough as a sub-class of humans (yeah, we were once called that) to require special cooling equipment. Perhaps that was true back in the day when geeks were shown as nerdy people who always wore sweaters or jerseys in all kinds of weather and played for hours in their parent’s basement, which would probably have housed the geyser and under-floor heating. Today, we’re far more sexy!

Jokes aside, its actually a good mouse to look at. The 6500dpi count helps gamers who like sensitive mice, while the adjustable weights allow you to get the feel of the mouse just right. I can really only see this being targeted for FPS gamers, as the Razer Naga corners the MMO market and there’s no option for lefties here. At least its an understated design and the mouse isn’t showered with buttons – that I’m thankful for. There’s no mention of the retail price or availability, but the current Element Black retails for R390. The redesigned look and the fan would probably push this up to just under R600. If you’re a serious or even casual FPS gamer, this might be worth your consideration.

Source: TteSPORTS.com

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