As you all know, Activision is in the midst of a lawsuit with the creators of the Modern Warfare franchise, Jason West and Vincent Zampella. During said lawsuit, a number of documents have been unveiled as evidence, and one such document contained details for the Activision/Bungie deal. That deal initially made headlines in 2010.

According to the contract between Activision Blizzard and developer Bungie, the new game IP is codenamed “Destiny”. The contract describes the new series as a “sci-fantasy action shooter”, which we sort of knew already.

What we have learnt is that four games are planned; each will release every other year with the first game due during our spring 2013. The first Destiny game will be an Xbox 360 exclusive, but subsequent games will come out on Sony products as well as PC.

The contract makes mention of next gen consoles, stipulating that while the first “Destiny” game will be an Xbox 360 exclusive, follow-up titles will be heading to next gen consoles and PCs only.

Downloadable content is also planned, with expansion packs being released in between each of the series sequels. This means that you can expect annual “Destiny” content from 2013 all the way through to 2020.

Source:  LA Times
Via: Joystiq

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