Firaxis Games’ action strategy title XCOM: Enemy Unknown will be hitting the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on 12 October 2012. Those living in the US of A will get the game three days earlier on 09 October – whatever. The original X-COM series was released in the early nineties; fans of the first games were a little perturbed at the announcement of a first-person shooter remake of the series. Fortunately, shortly after the FPS was unveiled, Firaxis and Take-Two announced Enemy Unknown, which sticks to the series’ strategy routes.

The news comes via an official press release from the game’s publisher Take-Two. That press release also mentions a special edition that’s exclusive to the PC platform. You don’t see that every day! The special edition of XCOM: Enemy Unknown will include a copy of the game, a fold-out poster, an XCOM insignia patch, an art book and a bunch of digital goodies like soundtracks and wallpapers.

The press release is a little confusing in that it sounds as if the PC version of the standard edition of the game will only be available digitally. If you want a physical copy of XCOM: Enemy Unknown for PC, then you’ll have to buy the special edition. Dane and I have been trying to figure out whether the press release is badly worded, or in fact Take-Two has lost the plot. Either way, we’ll update this as soon as we’ve a) figured it out or b) read an updated press release from Take-Two.

Source: Take-Two

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