Google’s Glasses seen on Larry Page’s face

Larry Page is your typical geek. He wears off-colour clothes, he has a typical bowl haircut and doesn’t have the kind of intimidating presence or authoritative tone of voice you’d expect from someone who introduces technology from a high-powered executive board position. Larry chooses to speak to the techno buff in all of us as a man, an ordinary man at that, who loves gadgets as much as we do.

The face of evil?

But here is the guy who earns triple in a minute than what you probably do in a year speaking to attendees of Google’s Zeitgeist event wearing the oft-mentioned Google glasses. Hit the jump to see what he’s got to say on the technology and how he thinks it’ll change lives. 

Page mentions that Google’s agenda is to change how things change with the times. Their Google+ initiative is gaining traction but Page believes it can improve. What once started as a search engine has evolved today into what could be called a lifestyle device – Google’s in the dictionary today as an actual verb or pronoun, for crying out loud. What Page envisions is that Google+ changes how you search by using things like context and meaning of words. By having the search engine integrate into your mail, your maps and your Plus profile, it’d be able to predict what you’re really looking for as opposed to giving you thousands of text matches to what you’re searching and help others in your circle search for the same things more easily.


In a way this mimics what Apple’s Siri attempts to do by using context and the way you word your instructions to do certain tasks. Its also on the same thought train as Ubuntu’s HUD, which uses a mixture of logic and spoken language to figure out what you’d like to do. Microsoft’s Search feature in Windows 7, which could easily be made to do so much more, actually needs to be told to distinguish between similar-sounding words written plainly or with diacritics and its something like this that Page wants to avoid.

He goes on to chat about a few other projects currently running. He touches on the development on Android, the Google Drive project and the office space and equipment that they donated for a new school of Technology while the Cornell NYC Technology campus is being built on Roosevelt island. Yeah, he speaks in a monotone that could put you to sleep and the Glasses bit only lasts for about two minutes, but he’s a cool guy.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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