Well, not just Ubisoft actually, but ALL games publishers. It’s one thing posting boring press releases detailing upcoming Collector’s Editions of games; it’s another thing using the game’s characters to make the announcement.

When most people think Far Cry 3, I’m willing to put money on the fact that they think of Vaas, the mentally unstable character who we first met when Ubisoft unveiled the game during E3 2011. Since then Vaas, who was never intended to be such a major character, has become the poster-boy for the game and even adorns the title’s box art.

Now, Vaas is back to tell you about the contents of the newly announced Far Cry 3: Insane Edition. The collector’s edition packs an additional single player mission and weapons. It also includes packaging in a really cool bandolier kind of thing. The cream on the top? A bobble-head of Vaas – a suitably nutsbobble-head of Vaas. Hit the jump for the video; beware of the NSFW language.


Via: Twitter

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