PSA: NAG’s June issue lands next week Thursday

Hello there, dearest reader! How are you? We trust you’re having a pleasant Wednesday, yes?

So there’s this thing. Apparently people have been sending desperate emails, shouting abuse in crowded shopping centres and setting fire to furry woodland critters (questionable interrogation method that), all in the pursuit of discovering when the June issue of their favourite magazine will be on sale for all.

Here’s the official date for NAG‘s June 2012 issue: Thursday, May 31st, 2012. As always, it’s the last Thursday of the month. If it seems a bit later than usual, blame the five-week month we just had. We hope that clarifies things, that everyone will calmly put their pants back on and get back to the important things, like playing Diablo III. Actually, if all you’re going to do is return to Diablo after reading this, then perhaps you needn’t worry about replacing them there pants. Murdering the Prime Evils is infinitely more fun when the hindrance of pants is a non-issue.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our Zinio digital issue as well, where we’ll once again have an alternate cover.