Undisclosed amount of layoffs hit the SWTOR team

Just two weeks after EA revealed a drop in subscriber numbers for the fledgling MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, it’s now come to light that BioWare Austin has been hit with layoffs. The layoffs are part of what EA is calling “restructuring here on the SWTOR team”.

BioWare Austin’s general manager, Greg Zeschuk, assured fans that the team “remain[s] dedicated to delivering a high quality service in SWTOR[…] we will continue to support and grow Star Wars: The Old Republic over the weeks, months and years to come.”

It’s worth noting that layoffs in an MMO development team aren’t unusual at this point in a title’s lifespan. The biggest hurdle, launching the game, has been overcome, and now it’s a matter of patching, balancing and adding more content. That being said, the recent drop in subscribers numbers will definitely make this news seem a little more grim than it probably is.

Source: Gamasutra
Via: EGM Now