Mounted combat rides into Skyrim

If you can tear yourself away from the clutches that infest Sanctuary for just a moment, you’ll see that the RPG mistress who first held your favour has been learning new tricks. Update 1.6 is coming to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim any day now, and with it comes the ability to smite your enemies without having to dismount your noble steed.

Of course, we first got a glimpse of mounted combat in Skyrim during the Skyrim Game Jam footage that appeared at this year’s DICE summit. At that time, Bethesda’s Todd Howard implied that the team was toying with the idea of bringing some of the features to Skyrim. Mounted Combat is the third addition to be added to the game from that Game Jam video; the first was the Kill Cam addition and the second was Xbox 360 Kinect integration.

Hopefully this trend continues; I’m holding thumbs for the addition of goblins, seasonal changes and spears. For those slaying dragons on PC, you can opt in for the beta of update 1.6, which means you could be killing stuff while riding your horse RIGHT NOW. For a full list of bug fixes coming in 1.6, head on over to the Bethesda Blog.

Source: Bethesda Blog