Assassin’s Creed III and Ghost Recon heading to PS Vita?

Two different online retailers (based in the UK) have put up pre-orders for two different, unnanounced Ubisoft games heading to the PlayStation Vita.

GAME (the same chain of stores that nearly died a few months back) has listed a PSV title called Ghost Recon: Final Mission. A different online retailer called Zavvi has Assassin’s Creed III listed as coming to PSV as well. Both games are supposedly hitting this year.

While there’s no official word form Ubisoft as yet, it’s safe to assume that both games will be announced during either Sony or Ubisoft’s press events at E3 next week. Holy cow, E3 is next week? That’s what that feeling of impending awesomesauce is in the pit of my stomach. That or it’s the pizza I had for dinner last night.

Source: Eurogamer