Help us help you

As many of you may know, we ran a competition in conjunction with BT Games to give away all of this cool stuff alongside the launch of Diablo III. We drew a winner but unfortunately don’t have anything more than her name: Nicole Pireu. We posted the announcement and we’ve tried to contact her through Facebook, but it seems as though Nicole has either missed or ignored our attempts to contact her, but we’re still bound to make a reasonable effort to get the prize into her hands before drawing another winner. If you know Nicole Pireu (who we assume lives in the Fourways area of JHB) then let her know; if you are Nicole Pireu, then please contact Jacqui Jacobs to claim your prize (you’ll need to send through a copy of your ID as proof) before Monday the 4th of June, or we’ll be forced to draw another winner.

Here’s a photo of all the awesome stuff you’re missing out on right now: