Do you recall the Daredevil movie from 2003? Devil’s Tuning Fork takes the basic concept of “sonar vision” shown in that flick and builds a game around it.

The game casts you as a child who falls victim to a mysterious illness which has reached worldwide pandemic proportions. Once the kid loses consciousness and enters a coma, he is trapped inside a world where light doesn’t exist. Here, he finds a tuning fork which will allow him to navigate the sightless dimension using echolocation.

The tuning fork needs constant activation in order to make sense of the otherwise pitch-black environment. In addition, there are two frequencies of soundwaves you may emit; a high pitch which will allow you to “see” further and a low pitch which is used to detect holes and defects in the platforms around you.

There are mirrors scattered around the environment which allow you to reflect soundwaves into otherwise unreachable areas. Gongs sometimes need to be activated, much like switches, in order to trigger events or open up new routes. These combine to give the game a slight puzzle angle.

Devil’s Tuning Fork‘s atmosphere is, not surprisingly, very creepy. It’s one thing to navigate darkness, but it’s made ever more unsettling by the disembodied children’s voices that haunt you throughout your travels. You’ll find the labyrinth littered with animals which represent the souls of other children who have also become trapped.

It’s definitely an atypical gaming experience. Direct yourself this way to get it (for Windows only).

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