Minecraft dethrones Black Ops from XBL list

You know what you don’t see every day? A man dressed as Boba Fett, riding a unicycle down the N1 while juggling flaming cats. If anyone has seen that, then why can I not find it on YouTube? Be that as it may, you also don’t see a Call of Duty game getting kicked off a top spot on the Xbox LIVE Activity rankings; nope, that doesn’t happen very often. In fact, the only time a Call of Duty game moves down from rank one, is when a new Call of Duty launches to take its place.

Well, a new Call of Duty hasn’t launched, but this little indie game called Minecraft has launched on Xbox LIVE Arcade. Mojang’s endless, boxy world has usurped position two in the Xbox LIVE Activity charts for the week of 14 May.

Adding to the good news is that the game sold more than a million copies on Xbox 360 in less than a week. There were also around 4 million multiplayer games played within the first week, adding up to a total of 2.4 million hours of Minecraft multiplayer. No wonder Black Ops got taken down a notch. HA! Get it? A notch. I’m here all week.

Source: Major Nelson
Via: Game Informer

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