NAG Magazine: June 2012 Issue

Happy June everyone! We’re halfway to somewhere!

June is for Call of Duty, and we’ve got Black Ops II all up in our delicious goodness. The new direction is new, and many surprises will surprise in the future. That’s our attempt at being cryptic, and we apologise for it. This issue we thought we’d give the whole “health and fitness” thing a go, and we were surprised by how much it doesn’t suck to maybe do a little walking here and there. This month is E3 2012, and we want you to get as amped for it as we are: which is why we’re bringing you the top eight reasons why you should excite yourself with thoughts of it right now. We also take a deeper look at some of the PlayStation Vita’s top-secret (but not really) functions you may not yet know about.

For previews, we spread a thick layer of MMORPG on our gaming sandwich with Guild Wars 2, and don Master Chief’s helmet once more to take on all-new threats in Halo 4. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is about soldiers in the future fighting other soldiers in the future using cool future tech and gadgetry. Our reviews this month see us switching perspectives with Fez, partying with pals in Mario Party 9, breaking fire axes while screaming in terror at Silent Hill: Downpour, being perplexed by just what the hell Operation Raccoon City has to do with Resident Evil, crunching some bones and driving friends mad in Trials Evolution, and racing and smashing in Ridge Racer Unbounded and DiRT: Showdown.

Hardware this month brings plenty of great reviews to aid you in spending your hard-earned money wisely. GIGABYTE’s G1. Sniper 3 gaming motherboard leaves us impressed, Cyborg’s Gaming Lights for PC have us wondering why, ASRock’s Z77 Extreme6 motherboard pleasantly surprises us, and we find the best GTX 680 money can buy right now.

There’s all this and more awaiting your attention in the June 2012 issue of NAG, which crash-lands on shelves this Thursday, the 31st of May. And to those who prefer their magazines a little less paper-y and a lot more digital, don’t forget to keep an eye out for NAG on Zinio, where we’ll once again have a bonus alternate cover exclusive to virtual reality.

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