Fan designs Mass Effect hoodies, BioWare makes them

Here’s a feel good story to start your Tuesday morning: a designer by the name of Christine Schott (aka “lupodisosso” on deviantArt) kind of has a thing for Mass Effect. Her artwork contains a lot of fan art, but the best stuff is undoubtedly her many hoodie designs based off the plethora of Mass Effect characters we’ve all grown to love and loathe over the course of the trilogy.

Judging by the upload dates, Schott began mucking about with various character hoodies in around March this year. Clearly her designs made an impression with BioWare as the developer has since decided to turn Schott’s designs into real things.

There are sixteen different hoodies, but not all of them will be made at once. Schott also notes that she doesn’t have “the slightest idea what looks good on clothing and what doesn’t” so some of the designs might change a little. Hit the jump for the rest.

Schott will be paid for her designs, but the finer details are still be ironed out in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on the Mass Effect section of the BioWare Store if your credit card is itching because it’s likely that the trial batch will sell out in seconds. Hopefully these don’t become limited editions or something because I really want a Legion hoodie.

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Source: deviantArt
Via: Joystiq 

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