PowerColour does a major striptease before Computex

If the mere thought of owning a GTX690 and shoving it into your chassis got you salivating, mop up your drool. Pick up your jaw off the floor because its time for the old Radeon X2 series to come back in full force. AMD’s been rekindling old memories by using the product names from eons ago. But this time, unlike the FX series, the Radeon HD7970 x2 Devil13 OC is ready to make you drop your jaw.

Yes, that’s a triple slot cooler. While there’s no seeing how PowerColour chose to implement their version of the HD7970 X2, nearly all the versions you’ll see on the market in a few months will be custom designed. AMD does have one in the works for Computex, but its likely only an enthusiast design for OEMs to play with. What’s more likely is that the HD7990 will be shown off to journalists on the 5th of June, but this is a right work of art.

PowerColour specifies that the card features two full-size HD7970 chips clocked at 1Ghz for the core and 6GB of high-speed DDR5 RAM on a 384-bit bus. The card requires three 8-pin PCI-Express power connectors for a total power draw (the card alone) of up to 525W.






The GTX690, by comparison, recently set speed records by breaking the P20,000 barrier in 3DMark 11 by clocking the GPU at 1509Mhz, the memory at 7336Mhz and keeping everything cool with some liquid nitrogen. That card also only requires two 8-pin PCE-Express connectors and has a rated power draw of only 290W. AMD’s FX-8150 also broke a record by being overclocked to 8.8Ghz, although that feat has since been invalidated by hwbot because no cooling method was mentioned.

Source: TechpowerUp!

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