In this horror game, you play as a two year old child

Utterly terrifying games are pretty rare these days. Sure, I squealed a little bit in Metro 2033, and Dead Space made me want to cry, but other than that, the genre is kind of quiet. Oh wait, then there was Amnesia: The Dark Decent – a game that Geoff told me I really had to try. I did. I’m still in therapy. Thanks Geoff.

There’s something really cool about games that scare the hell out of you. I can’t speak for everyone but I kind of have a morbid fascination with the genre. This is why I’m kind of excited to hear about a game called Among The Sleep, which is being developed by the Norway-based Krillbite Studio.

The game hopes to capture the feelings one occasionally gets as you’re drifting off to sleep; when dream world and real world start to merge ever so slightly. In the game, however, you’ll be experiencing those moments, and exploring an entire house, as a two year old. Terror is pretty much guaranteed. Hit the jump for a trailer.

Among The Sleep is heading to the PC and Mac sometime next year. The whole project was only revealed yesterday, but it’s already causing quite a buzz online. You can follow the development over on Krillbite’s blog, or read more about the project over on its official website.


Via: Shack News