Telkom 1Mb/s and 384Kb/s upgrades still on the cards

Remember when I mentioned about a month ago that Telkom DSL 384 and 1Mb/s users were due for an upgrade? A lot of people are on these two perofiles and gamers especially should be on an uncapped 1Mb/s profile for the best price/performance ratio. The first inklings of the upgrade were confirmed when Mweb changed their Uncapped 1Mb/s pricing to R199, suggesting that the upgrade was imminent.

While imminent is Telkom’s favourite word because it means it doesn’t have to deliver things on time, well-placed sources apparently spoke to MyBroadband about the upgrades planned for June. While 1Mb users are definitely getting the upgrade to compete with the 4Mb package, 384 users are still unclear as to when they’ll be speeded up.

With Telkom’s national fibre network rollout, the current push is to have all 4Mb users bumped up to 10Mb by default as upgrades and improvements are made to exchanges around the country. VDSL up to 40Mb/s is a work-in progress and is going to be necessary as more video-on-demand products are launched in South Africa. That’ll only be a commercial reality in 2014, but for now so long as lines are stabilised users should be happy with the speed bumps.

Mweb's 1Mb/s uncapped option is the best value for money thus far.

With the WACS and EASSY undersea cables now complimenting Seacom, uncapped DSL accounts are set to be the preferred option over capped products as more customers add tablets, high-end smartphones, HTPCs and Torrent servers into their homes. With the digital distribution market at an all-time high its perhaps something to be considered whether we’re on the verge of the death of disc-based optical media. Perhaps in two years that will change but for now you don’t have to get rid of your DVD drives.

Source: MyBroadband

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