Your front row seat to E3

It’s officially one more sleep till the NAG team heads off to Los Angeles to attend the E3 Expo. Whoop whoop! Scanning through our schedules, its going to be the most insane week ever – four press conferences on Monday, another one on Tuesday morning, and then meetings all the way through to Thursday at 5pm, which is when the expo ends. We know you hate us right now, but do not despair; we’ve compiled a list below of all the live streams that will be happening, so you can be part of this gaming extravaganza with us. All you need is your internet connection, some coffee and your favourite fluffy slippers.

First up is the Xbox @ E3 Media Briefing. Microsoft has confirmed that it will be streaming the full Xbox: Entertainment Evolved E3 press briefing on Xbox LIVE. It starts at 7pm on Monday 4 June and you can get more info on how to tune in here.

Then we head off to the EA Press Conference, which will be live streamed here at 10pm on Monday.

Next up is the Ubisoft Press Conference, streamed live from their YouTube channel here at midnight (yes citizens, that is 24h00 sharp. Go make yourself another cup of coffee).

From there we make our way to the PlayStation E3 2012 Press Conference. The live stream can be viewed directly from your PS3 (look for the Whats New section and you’ll find the link there), or go here to get links for Facebook, Ustream, Google Plus and their blog. For all those night owls, this happens at 3am on Tuesday morning.

Last up before E3 opens its doors at the LA Convention Centre, is the Nintendo E3 Presentation. Go here to catch this stream on Tuesday 6pm.

Keep in mind that a couple of the live streamed events will kick off half an hour earlier than the scheduled times listed above, as some of the publishers do pre-event build-up coverage.