The fifth official Humble Indie Bundle (but the thirteenth in the overall series) has just been released. This time it includes the morbid hit LIMBO, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, and, for those who pay more than the average, the RPG Bastion. Perhaps the most intriguing additions include none other than the seriously disturbed Amnesia: The Dark Descent and the poster boy for underdog games, Psychonauts (yes, as in Tim Schafer).

As with previous bundles, all games feature ports for Windows, Mac and Linux and all of them include the game’s soundtracks in MP3 and FLAC. Buyers may choose their price and decide how their money is allocated between the developers, charity and the Humble Indie Bundle organizers themselves.

Typically, the bundles tend to include additional games and bonuses as the promotion goes on, so keep an eye out on this one for the next two weeks.

Official site is here.

[EDIT: I’ve spotted that there’s a truly fantastic video promoting the fifth Humble Indie Bundle, and have humbly placed it after the jump all humble-like. I won’t spoil its surprises for you lot, but it’s absolutely fantastic and simply has to be watched. Your weekend will be ruined if you don’t. You’ve been warned, abandon all hope, ye who (do not) enter here, etc. – Dane]

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