We’ve known for a while now that Skyrim’s first DLC expansion is called Dawnguard. When Bethesda first revealed the title, many thought that it would have something to do with the Mythic Dawn cult that featured in Oblivion and later in a side-quest in Skyrim. It turns out that the Dawnguard are actually vampire slayers.

Judging by the trailer, it looks like you’ll get to decide whether you’re going to aid the Dawnguard or the rather intense family of vampires. If you aid the blood-suckers, you’ll seemingly get to turn into a creepy, Nosferatu kind of vampire complete with wings and magic powers. The vampires want to block out the sun, which is probably a good move if you’re into drinking blood and sleeping in coffins. The expansion will bring more than a new, sizable quest line; it’ll bring along crossbows and new enemies like frost giants. Or are they snow giants? Or ice giants? Whatever; they’re a new type of giant.

There’s a lot of explaining still required, which Bethesda will do at E3 next week. For now you can check out the trailer below and get speculating. No release date as yet, but this is a timed exclusive for Xbox 360 and you’ll be paying 1600 MS Points. The expansion will be coming to the PC and PlayStation 3, so if you’re getting your Fus Ro Dah fix on one of those platforms then just be patient, even though timed exclusives are the dumbest things ever.


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