AMD quietly releases a Radeon HD7750 that runs faster

Well, the company already has a HD7750 SKU filling the shelves of online retailers, but this one is just a bit different. Does anyone remember when I posted about a factory prototype HD7830-esque card that was accidentally dropped in the lap of Tom’s Hardware’s lab? That one was a torn-down HD7850 that had a few stream processors disabled and boasted lower power requirements and possibly a lower TDP. It looks like AMD is considering offering extra SKUs to give gamers more options with the coming war with Kepler-based cards.

The “new” HD7750 raises the clock speed and ups the ante with the inclusion of a PCI-Express 6-pin power connector. The original HD7750 was already a good bargain for those looking for something to counter the Geforce GT540 or the newly-released OEM-only GT640. While we’ll never see the GK107-based GT640 on our shelves, the GT650 (unreleased as yet) might be the reason for this new revision. 

Two things need to be taken away here, though. There’s no way of differentiating between the two SKUs – the regular HD7750 and the new one – by just looking at their names. Obviously third-party manufacturers might change their SKU name to reflect the difference, but there’s no way to tell just be the name or the branding that’ll be on the box. But there is one reliable way – clock speed. The original HD7750 shipped as the most powerful graphics card that didn’t require extra power connectors and is the best 75w sub-R1200 card you could buy today. And it has a clock speed set at 800Mhz.

In addition to the extra speed and the extra power, the card now boasts a 83w TDP. It can be overclocked further this time thanks to the extra power connector and it’ll still fit in nicely with a decent 400w power supply. Even a 80 Plus 350w unit will be a perfect fit here. The PCB length only increases by 3cm and still fits inside many ITX chassis as a result. This card wouldn’t be out of place in a HTPC as a low-cost Blu-Ray decoding solution as well as a fit for medium-settings 720p gaming.

While general availability hasn’t been mentioned but there are revisions of the card already in the market. This SKU was only discovered last week when Newegg customers spotted the new PCB and asked if there was an error as it looked more like a Radeon HD7770. If you’re looking for low-cost gaming, look no further than the HD7750 in its 900Mhz form. If you’re on a older PSU that lacks the connector, you could just use a Molex-to-PCI-E connector as the card positively sips power.

On the bright side (this whole thing is a bright side) at least its not a Geforce 9600GSO!

Source: Anandtech

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